Unarmed Security

At WinningForce, our core service offering is uniformed security officer services – a team of security professional selectively recruited, vetted by Royal Malaysian Police and extensively trained to meet the required need as professional security officer. We also had trained and groomed our security officer to always ready in respond to incidents when they occur and provide a good customer service.

In order to maintain our service standard to a satisfactory level at all times, we arrange our security officers as a backup team to be 24/7 ready that will fill any station that needed. Our security continuously keep 24-hour patrolling and post supervision.

Presently we provide unarmed security guard with uniform to customer’s premises such as:

1. Housing and Construction site

2. Buildings

3. Hospital

4. Power Plant

5. Factory

6. Estate

7. University


Armed Security Guard

Winning Force Security Services offers professional, licensed and trained Armed Security Guards for high profile places like Jewelry stores, Galleries, Museums, and high-end facilities all across Malaysia at competitive rates. Our Armed Guards are trained specifically to answer the challenges, requirements and character of these Industries and markets, offering peace of mind, deterrence, sense of security and exceptional customer service. Similar services may be utilized on private event and VIP escort service.



Gurkha Security Guard

When you need security for yourself, business or your home, you want to feel confident that protection is top priority. Winning Force Security Gurkha Security Guard is consisted by former Armed Forces Gurkhas, and for them; protection and honour are embedded into their values.

Gurkhas are renowned for their bravery, trust, reliability, physical strength and courage. This sets us apart from other security companies and reassures clients they are in safe hands.




Whether you work in the ever-changing IT sector, head a massive corporation, or manage a family-run business, technology plays a pivotal role in your daily operations. Our cutting-edge security solutions work in concert with your existing systems to provide the protection you need.

At Winning FOrce Security, we offer a wide range of security technologies. From CCTV (closed-circuit television) installation and monitoring, to electronic access control systems, and customized enterprise systems, we have the technology to meet your needs.

Electronic Security Solutions

  • CCTV (closed-circuit television)
  • Access Control Systems (incl. keyless entry)
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Energy Management Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Installation Services (incl. PA and fire systems)


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